Interior Commercial Painting Trends

In business, image is everything and the color of your facility’s interior makes a statement whether intended or not. That’s why at Advanced Painting Contractors, we keep up with the latest design trends per business category and are happy to make recommendations for your property. Following are a few noteworthy color trends.


  • As a whole, interior commercial colors are moving toward warm and earthy as a calming response to our ever-accelerating and complicated world. Blues, grays, tans and buffs that aren’t overwhelming and serve as a soothing backdrop are the rage.
  • Hotels are becoming a destination in and of themselves and no longer are simply places to sleep while visiting a destination. While some hotels will continue to radiate the bright hues of the South Beach chic, most are now opting for warm browns, tans and rusts to complement woodwork and furnishings. Hotels today often incorporate wall coverings for an added textural dimension.
  • Retailers are a dynamic lot, ranging from the soothing colors of the modern earthy palette to the vibrancy reminiscent of the Miami Vice era. Much depends on the product sold and the clientele serviced. At Advanced Painting Contractors, we’ll be happy to make recommendations.
  • Consensus dictates that modern office space be conducive to maintaining focus, which translates again to calm and collected colors. However, to project a creative image, designers often juxtapose accent walls with the dominant color to make a bit of a statement.
  • Like other industries, healthcare facilities are showing colors that soothe; however this can be achieved with much happier shades than mint green and soybean beige. Lively but muted pastels in an array of pinks, purples, yellows and more can convey happiness yet maintain that soothing appeal.
  • Industrial complexes are veering away from their “industrialness” and adding a bit of life to their color palette. After all, even high-performance coatings and paints have an array of colors from which to choose, so why not choose a color that helps employee morale and encourages productivity?

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