Advanced Painting Contractors’ True Colors Shining Through Since 1972

Advanced Painting Contractors, Florida’s premier commercial painting contractor, has been committed to providing complete long-term satisfaction. Our reputation for excellence in painting exteriors for commercial properties, high rise buildings and condos spans 40 years. That’s why our customers return again and again.


We use the highest quality paints and wall coverings available, employ state-of-the art processes and put into the field only the most talented, professional and courteous painters in the industry. This superior attention to detail means you’re getting one of the best and longest-lasting paint jobs possible.


We not only honor our manufacturers’ warranty commitments, but guarantee our work under our Advanced Proactive Inspection Program. Because at Advanced, we believe completing the job is only the beginning. We continue long after the crew leaves to make inspections, ensuring continued durability of our products and maintaining the loyalty of our customers.


Advanced Painting Contractors. Professional, dependable, on the job long after the last coat dries.


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